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Breast Enhancement

 White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture Breast Enhancement 

  How Does Acupuncture Breast enhancement work?
Cosmetic Acupuncture can be used to lift breasts and increase cleavage, naturally. This breast increase technique is exclusively available at White Lotus in Brisbane, we do not teach this technique to other practitioners. The White lotus breast technique has been developed and perfected by Kamila & Anthony and is unique to White Lotus Anti Aging®. The treatment is very gentle yet effective and uses extremely fine Japanese needles, it is a painless process with no recovery time whatsoever. You can have great looking breasts naturally.

By working with the body’s natural energy it is possible to improve the firmness and appearance of the breast and accentuate cleavage. Acupuncture has been used in China for thousands of years and actually helps regulate the hormones of the body and improve your health and breast tissue. You can also get around a 10% increase in breast size. These treatments only change the top of the breast giving it a fuller, rounder look and an increase in cleavage. The treatments are accumulative and over the weeks of treatment a gradual change takes place.

White Lotus Breast Enlargement and Enhancement Treatments often also called the acupuncture boob job can also assist a variety of problems that affect the breast. Such as painful breasts, mastitis, inverted nipples, insufficient lactation, and sagging breasts (including after breast feeding).
View White Lotus' Breast enhancement interview on National Television, April 29th 2008

 View our interview on
Television, April
29th 2008

"Acupuncture Boob Job"


Before and After Photos

The pictures below are taken of a client before and after the breast enhancer treatment.

After 6 treatments there is a clearly noticeable change in the appearance of the breasts.
They are much firmer, and rounded at the top part of the breast. The breasts have lifted and do not sag as much.The muscles above the breasts have been strengthened which gives the breasts the lifted appearance. 

Front View

Side View

Breast Enhancement before Breast enhancement After